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@858-966-8954 This is actually true for a few POs I know. Not necessarily job on the line but a strong talking to from the overlords.

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@7875990121 Everyone is wearing the wrong mask. Just like here!

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@rememberability Not looking good for another week in the east bay. 😷 pic.twitter.com/FU5dwE9jcl

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@641-636-3069 @JasonWilliamsNY Come on! Maybe he was just being really nice to me.

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@Ogpu @nonfamousjay so excellent to see you both tonight!!!

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@(740) 963-9292 I binged it in a couple of days.

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@barnicas So weird to be living in a time when everyone around the world watches the same shows at the same time. A… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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@902-225-3138 @813-474-8989 It’s easy to imagine Neil as Paull Hollywood.

Great discussion on sustainability but ideas somewha… 3083825489

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@chrismentzel @(475) 240-4560 @si2urssi Yes! I know a lot about this. Let’s chat!

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@therealfitz So stoked for ord camp!
Custom avocordos

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@ReaderMeter @jenniferlin15 We already have a prefix. Just need crossref to be ok with this.

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@jenniferlin15 Hey can crossref support emojis in DOIs?

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